Service Plus

Service Plus

2 Years No Cost, 3 Years Service

We have a more efficient service to ensure your tools work longer and harder: Service+.

With the additional purchase of the Service+ package the user receives 5 years of professional support ensuring your tools continue to work efficiently and longer. Dealing direct with Makita in support with your local supplier we can offer a truly national service and repair coverage. Reduce down time and increase the life of all of your Makita products.

This Service+ package is only available at the point of purchase with an additional cost premium and in conjunction with an authorised Makita Dealer.

Repair Costs Absolutely Free for Two Years

Full support - no problems, no costs.

Our specialised highly qualified engineers work in accordance to the strictest procedures (ISO9001).

Following the purchase of your new Makita product you will benefit from 2 years no cost service. This cover includes:

  • All service/repair of products will be undertaken at Makita UK’s service centre, Milton Keynes. All work is undertaken to the highest standards by fully qualified, experienced engineers.
  • Full inspection to investigate the cause of the malfunction of the product.
  • Repair or replacement of any defective parts. Should there be sign of wear and tear on other items these will be replaced at this point also.
  • Full functionality check following repair.
  • Full service when the service indicator lights advise.
  • 6 Months warranty on all parts fitted following repair.
  • All transport costs inbound and return.
  • All products returned with relevant certification such as PAT certification.

Please see exclusions below.

For more details please contact Makita (UK) Ltd at

A Three Year Cap on All Repair Costs

At the end of your 2 year no-cost period, should your Makita product need repairing a cost limit will apply. This is a capped maximum cost you will have to pay. Should the repair cost be below this capped cost then you will only pay the actual cost of the repair.

This cover includes:

  • Machines returned to Makita.
  • Machines will be inspected on the day they arrive in our service centre at Milton Keynes.
  • Estimates will be communicated to the client on the same day.
  • Electric machines returned with relevant PAT certification.
  • Machines will be returned with a 6 month warranty.

Please see exclusions below.

You always pay the lowest value Same day estimates Transparent costings 5 day turn around

Five Years Peace of Mind

Machines fleeted under the Service+ package will be fitted with RFID tags. This will log tool information with the service+ software package such as:

  • Owner details
  • Serial number
  • Date of introduction to service

The Service+ software package will log all contract details such as service information, date of purchase and PAT records (if applicable).

At a glance you will see there is an additional cost for this added premier service, additional to your usual competitive net costs. Even so you will find the total cost of this SERVICE+ cover to be more than competitive against similar products available in the market. This cover will in the long term reduce your capital tool spend and increase profitability.

This product offers fixed cost servicing which assists with accurate planning and forecasting of budgets.

How Does the System Work?

Exclusions: The following exclusions apply to the service+ cover. Misuse of the product. Failure to comply with the operating instructions. Damage caused by undue force. (This includes impact damage, dropping etc). Attempted service/repair of the product and parts by unauthorised individuals. Consumables and accessories to the product. These items are identified in the instruction manuals and further details available from Makita UK Ltd. Does not include filters, pistons in gas operated product and filters in the Garden Machinery product range. A 1 year no-cost period is given to batteries.

  1. The service+ package is purchased in addition to the purchase of the product.
  2. The service+ package cannot be applied for after the purchase of the respective product
  3. Products purchased under the Service+ agreement will be clearly marked on the machine and outer case.

Once approved, to receive the service+ package you must ensure that the retailer is supplied with the following information which will be registered to the product you have purchased

  1. Purchaser Name
  2. Purchaser Address
  3. Contact Telephone number
  4. Contact E Mail Address

Five Easy Steps

To take advantage of the support all you need to do is:-

  1. Make a call or send an email to Makita Service+ Customer services.
  2. Give your name and company details.
  3. Where the product can be collected from as per the contract. The machine can be left with any of our main line distributors and we shall collect and return from that point if preferred.
  4. Details of the product: model number and serial number.
  5. Detail the fault experienced. No lengthy explanation or diagnosis over the phone, leave it to us to solve your problem.

We shall arrange for a courier to collect the product. The machine will be returned directly to our service centre in Milton Keynes. On receipt an engineer will inspect the machine and if in the service period of the contract will repair the product same day and test. If the machine is in the capped cost repair period then the engineer will forward a cost of repair to the nominated contact with your organisation with a job number. Once authorisation has been given the repair will be undertaken.

All repaired product (electrical) will then be returned with relevant PAT certification.