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Cordless Kits

Value for money solutions from Makita for specialists and multi-tradesmen alike

From 18v to 10.8v kits.

Rotary Hammers

Heavy duty Rotary Hammers with a strength found only with Makita

Combi Drills

Take on any challenge with our portable, high performance Makita Combi Drills

Drill Drivers

Makita drill drivers are compact, lightweight and powerful for effortless drilling and screwdrivering.

Impact Drivers

Performance unlike any other, Makita Impact Drivers are a force to behold

Angle Drills / Angle Impact Drivers

Makita universal drill drivers are compact, lightweight and powerful for effortless drilling and screwdrivering


Cut, sand, grind and finish with Makita's range of cordless Multi-Tools.

Router / Trimmer

Drywall Cutter

Cordless cut out tools for dry wall applications.

Multi Cutter

Impact Wrenches

Forget the spanner, when it comes to loosening stubborn nuts and bolts or re-tightening, Makita impact wrenches have no equal

Angle Grinders

Remove corrosion, smooth edges and polish with top of the line Makita Cordless Grinders.

Drywall Screwdrivers

These depth stop screwdrivers from Makita enable fast and accurate fixing for drywall construction

Autofeed Screwdrivers

Fast, efficient and accurate, with cordless convenience. Makita have solution for every situation


Consistent and strong nailing with cordless convenience from Makita


Makita Staplers are designed to provide precision and durability and ensure smooth staple loading and feeding.

Caulking Gun

Makita's Caulking Guns greatly reduce user's hand fatigue. Variable speed control trigger and anti-drip function makes big jobs easier and cleaner.

Circular Saws

Get your materials cut down to size with unbelievable ease, Circular Saws from Makita

Tile cutters

Fast, effiencient and portable cutting in any environment. Ideal for cutting into fixed tiles


Whether ornate or ordinary, any shape is possible with superb Jigsaws from Makita

Reciprocating Saws

Makita reciprocating saws excel due too their robustness and exceptional ease of use.

Mitre Saws

Precision and power with Makita's Mitre & Slide Compound Saws.

Band Saws

One of the most versatile saws in any workshop, used to cut anything from wood to metal pipes and straight lines to curves.


Makita Cordless Sanders deliver excellent maneuverability and high productivity.


Makita planers are not only perfect for removing large amounts of wood quickly, they are also great for fine finishing.

Biscuit Jointer

Biscuit joints with ease


Makita's cordless range of shears enable fast and efficient cutting anywhere on site

Die Grinders

Whether engraving or shaping Makita die grinders enable perfect results

Rebar / Threaded Rod Cutters

Smooth, easy cutting ensured by electrically driven hydraulic system. Whatever your job requirements

Rebar Tying Tool

Tying rebars can be done automatically for a range of applications such as building concrete foundations.

Vacuum Pump

For removing all air from refrigerant tubing to create a vacuum environment before the tubing is charged with refrigerant gas.

Vibrating Pokers

For vibration, compaction and removal of air bubbles to ensure maximum strength and consistency in concrete


Kick up a storm with Makita blowers that will take your breath away.

Lawn Mowers

High manoeuvrability and environmentally friendly.


The needs of the forestry professional are the driving force behind Makita’s range of chainsaws

Hedge Trimmers

Power and precision combine in our top of the range Cordless Makita Hedge Trimmers

Brush Cutter

Nothing will stand in your way with Makita brand Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers.

Line Trimmer

Nothing will stand in your way with Makita brand Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers.


Multi-tool system consisting of power head and versatile optional attachments is ideal for a wide range of applications

Pruning Shears


Move heavy loads comfortably and easily.


Heated Jackets

Makita's range of heated jackets feature 3 heat zones and temperature adjustment, to keep you working comfortably throughout the winter.

Fan Cooling Jacket

Stay cool whilst you work with Makita's innovative fan cooling jackets.

Portable Fan

Provide air circulation or cooling for job-sites in all seasons

Coffee Maker

Get the perfect brew on every job site with a Makita Li-ion coffee maker.

G-Series Machines

The G-series range from Makita is a different lithium-ion battery platform to the Makita LXT range of professional cordless power tools, and is powered exclusively by the G-Series battery and DC18WA charger.

Pencil Screwdrivers