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Cordless Tools

Cordless freedom where every you need it. An excellent choice for minimising trip hazards such trailing leads on site.

From drills to nailers, jigsaws to chainsaws.


For home DIY tasks or building work on site, our electric drills are ideal for drilling through wood, plastics, brickwork and most metals..

Rotary Drills Percussion Drills Angle Drills Rotary Hammers


Makita's range of equipment and machinery to aid professionals in the construction industry


Makita's range of equipment and machinery to aid professionals in the construction industry

Concrete Planer Stone Polisher 16" Disc Cutter Mixer


From fast material removal to detailed finishing, Makita woodworking tools have a solution

Routers Trimmers Sanders


Cut, sand, grind and finish with Makita's range of Multi-Tools.


Whether precise rip cuts or mitre cuts Makita saws deliver perfect results.

Mitre Saws Band Saws Cut-off Saws Plunge Saws Jigsaws Reciprocating Saws

Angle Grinders

Remove corrosion, smooth edges and polish with top of the line Makita Grinders.

Angle Grinders

Straight Grinders

Heat Guns

Makita Heat Guns are ideal for dust free paint removal, thawing and drying.

Heat Guns

Dust Management

Minimise the health risks associated with working in dusty environments with Makita's range of portable dust extractiors and vacuums.

Dust Extraction Vacuum Cleaners

Production Tools

Performance unlike any other, Makita Production tools are a force to behold.


Any craftsman requires absolute precision and you cant do much better than Makita

Distance Measures Laser Levels

Job Site Radios

Makita radios are designed to cope the knocks and scrapes and deliver top quality output

Outdoor Power Equipment

Makita, a wealth of experience in outdoor power equipment. Makita, known internationally for quality and innovation within the powertool industry have also a long and illustrious history running through the outdoor power market.