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Features our new app has to offer:

  • Quick Website Link
  • Spirit Level
  • Levelling Instrument
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Flash Light
  • Distance Measure
  • Battery Level indicator (for your smartphone)

This app is provided by Makita free of adverts and cost. Makita is the leading brand of professional power tools worldwide and always provide top quality tools for tradesman.

We treat our apps in the same way as our tools so expect a well made and well maintained professional application that can be used throughout your working day.

Main Display
Spirit Level
Levelling Instrument
Sound Level
Flash Light
Distance Measure
Available in Android Market Available on iPhone in the App Store
Makita Vibration Calculator Mobile Apps

Vibration in the workplace is a serious risk that any power tool user should take seriously. Without the proper precautions taken, permanent damage can be incurred such as White Finger.

At Makita, we are very much aware of the hazards vibration can present, which is why we provide a way to keep track of your exposure to vibration on a daily basis, the Makita Vibration Calculator.

With this app you can find out just how much of a standard daily allowance you are being exposed to for each tool you use. Built with HSE standards, you simply enter the vibration value of the tool (either manually or from a list of Makita products), how long you expect for trigger time and the Makita Vibration Calculator works out the rest.

With built in warnings for when you might be approaching dangerous levels, we hope that with our help, less people will succumb to the problems caused by vibration.

Vibration Calculator Image 1 Vibration Calculator Image 2 Vibration Calculator Image 3 Vibration Calculator Image 4
Available in Android Market