Deep and Exact Cutting Technology

Achieved by our consistent pursuit of cutting larger size workpieces with a greater accuracy.

Deep and Exact Cutting Technology

3-Stage reduction gear unit and Movable rear blade guard provide larger capacities of cutting Crown moulding and Baseboard (Skirting board).

Double Sliding Mechanism

By using 4 short steel poles instead of the usual 2 long poles, a DXT Mitre Saw is vibration free and has improved portability.

Double Sliding Guide Fence

Upper and lower sections slide independently for added convenience; Each upper fence slides outwards for a bevel cut and each lower fence slides inwards to allow a more secure hold on smaller workpieces.

Quick and Accurate Mitre Lock

Mitre angle can be locked/unlocked simply by turning the knob 90 degrees.


Featuring the latest DXT system, the LS1016 is the first in its range and packs an ace list of features and specifications.

View the LS1016L


The bigger brother to the LS1016L, the LS1216L has a greater depth of cut and length of angles, meaning you can work on bigger projects with little fuss.

View the LS1216L