Be Safe - Construction

Be Safe Construction

2000 construction trade students benefitted from Makita's Be Safe - Construction power tool Correct & Safe use seminars last year with 40 colleges booking these informative 90 minute demonstrations. Now is the time to book Be Safe - Construction courses for your students. Makita's experts come to your location and the demonstration is totally free.

What is Be Safe - Construction?

Based on Makita's City & Guilds approved Correct & Safe Use of Electrical Power tools course, this demonstration drives home the safety philosophy for good workshop and site practice, the right way to select and handle power tools, health and safety and PPE policy. Students are encouraged to handle the tools, ask questions and get acquainted with modern machines.

Who is Be Safe - Construction aimed at?

Students attending any construction related course will benefit including wood trades, general construction, electricians and plumbers. You can request our courses tailored to any particular trade discipline. Be Safe - Construction is valuable to first term trainees as well as more experienced students heading for jobs in the industry. Our experienced demonstrators will bring a full range of machines to illustrate the talks which can be delivered either in the lecture room or in your workshops. Power must be available and ideally a big screen for the slide support elements.

How to book

Book online by clicking hereFill in the form with accurate contact details, the ideal dates to match your course work and submit. Makita will organise the Be Safe - Construction presentation in conjunction with you and confirm the dates, times and locations.

Train the Trainers

Makita runs a two-day City & Guilds Instructor Training Course which when completed successfully enables you to provide certificated training courses for your own students. This accolade will certainly help them obtain jobs in the construction industry.

Early booking for Be Safe - Construction course

The new year will soon be here. The Makita team covers the UK. It is essential that you make your bookings early so that we can schedule the presentations for your students as soon as practical.

Workshop Safety Posters

Visual aids are useful in the training areas for all age groups. Makita has designed a series of A3 size safety posters (as seen above) which can be downloaded free for display in your college facilities. Click here to download these high quality files ready for printing.