14.4/18V Fan Jacket


Model DFJ201 is a Cordless Fan Jacket powered by 14.4/ 18V Li-ion battery. Provides excellent cooling performance even with safety vest on.
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Technical specifications

Air Flow Mode
High / Med / Low / Turbo 

Air Flow (H/M/L/T)
1.2 / 1.0 / 0.8 / 1.4 m³/min

Run Time (18V 5.0Ah) H/M/L
12 / 21 / 29 hrs

Battery Type

Body only machine

14.4 - 18 v


Net weight
0.66 kg


Number of Pockets

User benefits
  • Fan provides air flow to help evaporate sweat effectively from your body, keeping you cool.
  • Excellent cooling performance even with safety vest on.
  • 3-stage air-flow mode control, with indicator on battery holder.
  • Turbo button - The maximum air flow can be obtained by pushing the button. (After one minute, Turbo mode automatically switches back to the previous mode
  • Good moisture vapour permeability and good water repellence.
  • Fan is easily detachable just by opening the zipper
  • x2 Type A USB ports on battery holder.
  • On/Off power button on battery holder (long press).
  • Equipped with Battery protection circuit: designed to protect the battery from damages due to overdischarge, high temperature or overload current.
  • Washable (remove battery holder and fan).
  • 3 pockets – Left and right + left chest
Standard equipment
  • Battery holder
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Three Year Warranty  Li-ion 
Health and Safety