Model BMR104 has been developed based on Model BMR102, featuring capability of receiving Digital Audio Broadcasts. BMR104 receives DAB and FM stations.

Their other features are:

  • Runs on both AC adaptor and Makita rechargeable batteries of 7.2V to 18V cluster type/ 9.6V to 18V slide-on type that are the same power source as BMR102.
  • Easy-to-read digital tuner with LCD display
  • 2-speaker stereo system
  • AUX-IN jack for connecting to external audio source (Connecting cable is not included.)
  • Vibration calculator
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    Technical specifications
    Approx. Continuous Run Time (1.0Ah)
    4.5 hrs

    Approx. Continuous Run Time (1.3Ah)
    6.5 hrs

    Approx. Continuous Run Time (2.0Ah)
    10 hrs

    Approx. Continuous Run Time (2.6Ah)
    14.5 hrs

    Approx. Continuous Run Time (3.0Ah)
    17 hrs

    Frequency Range FM
    87.5 - 108 Mhz

    2x76mmØ (8O) 

    Practical Output (7.2v)
    0.5W x 2 

    Practical Output (9.6v)
    1.0W x 2 

    Practical Output (10.8v)
    1.2W x 2 

    Practical Output (12v)
    1.5W x 2 

    Practical Output (14.4v)
    2.2W x 2 

    Practical Output (18v)
    3.5W x 2 

    Frequency Range DAB
    Band III 5A – 13F 

    Net weight
    4 kg

    User benefits
    • New design: features silver front control panel and newly designed elastomer bumpers.
    • Shower proof withstands up to 5 minutes exposure to rain.
    • Dual power source: AC or Makita batteries.
    • 2 speaker stereo system.
    • Flexible FM antenna can be removed and stored inside of the battery cover on the radio.
    • Equipped with Micro USB post for software upgrade.
    • Digital tuner
    • Soft grip carry handle swivels 90 degrees.
    Information & Technologies
    Three Year Warranty 
    Health and Safety