Are you still employing chisel, when you groove for plumbing in the wall? Chisel is a past method! Grooving with model SG1250 is the new style of plumbing. Its features and benefits are as follows. * Electronic for soft start, constant rotational speed. * SJS (Super Joint System) for avoiding the shock by accidental wheel jam. * Precise grooving work with coaxial 2 diamond wheels.
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Technical specifications
Cutting Capacity
0 - 30 mm

Blade Diameter
125 mm

Bore Diameter
20 mm

Noise sound pressure
102 dB(A)

Noise sound power
113 dB(A)

Noise K factor
3 dB(A)

Cutting width
6-30 cm

Input wattage
1400 w

No Load Speed
9000 rpm

Vibration K factor
1.5 m/secē

Vibration: Cutting Concrete
4 m/secē

Net weight
3.9 kg

User benefits
  • Variable speed
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Double Insulation
Information & Technologies
SJS  Three Year Warranty 
Health and Safety
Safety boots  Ear protection and glasses  Manual 
Maximum vibration exposure per day
All vibration figures quoted are Tri-axial to EN60745 2006

Vibration: 8:00 Hour Vibration: Cutting Concrete
Vibration: 8:00 Hour Vibration: Cutting Concrete