Makita M-Class Dust Extractor Now With Triple Filter System

Makita M-Class Dust Extractor Now With Triple Filter System



Dust extraction is now a key industry challenge as the health risks associated with dust are recognised as important as the HAV concerns that have been addressed in recent years. Dust from wood, welding and silica pose respiratory, skin and other serious health risks. The latest Makita M-class dust extractor can be integrated with many Makita power tools to greatly reduce these health risks in the work place.

Industry should be aware that the Health & Safety Executive are now policing the use of correctly specified dust extraction systems and failure to meet the correct standard can result in heavy fiscal penalties. It pays to invest in the correct Makita dust extractor rather than be penalised.

The new Makita VC3211M has a large, stainless steel tank with capacity for 32litres of dry and 27litres of wet material. The 1,050watt motor generates a maximum airflow of 3.5m?/minute and a maximum suction of 22.0kPa. Suction power can be varied by a simple power dial on the control panel. A new design of automatic self-cleaning filter system includes twin three-stage filters comprising pre-filter, damper and powder filter. Reverse air-flow is used to clean the filters in turn so that on this new Makita extractor at least one filter is always in operation. The vacuum level is a much smoother wave than other makes where effectively suction is momentarily cut completely when filters are cleaned.  This very effective filter system includes an air-flow sensor that emits warning alarm when the air-flow is reduced by near full tank or blocked filters.

Coupling Makita power tools to this new M-class dust extractor is simple. The suction hose connects to the dust intake port, or extractor accessory on the power tool, and the power cable is plugged directly into the extractor. With the Makita VC3211M extractor powered up, the on-off switch on the power tool controls the parallel operation of the extractor so that any time the power tool is generating dust in operation, the extractor is automatically working to gather the dust for optimum operator protection.

Weighing just 17.6kg the Makita M-class extractor is easily manoeuvrable on two main wheels and a forward castor which also has a locking brake. This extractor meets the exacting standards embodied in the pan-EU standard EN60335-2-69.This requires a class-M extractor to remove dust so that the occupational exposure limits are equal to or greater than 0.1 milligrams per cubic metre of air. Typically, when using a wall chaser for one hour 15kg of dust would be produced. By connecting the Makita VC3211M extractor the amount of air-born dust is reduced dramatically to just 0.22g. This new Makita dust extractor is a major health protection investment.