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Straight Double Flute TCT

A range of metric diameter cutters with plunging centre point on the larger diameters. For general routing application.

Straight Single Flute TCT

A range of small diameter single flute cutters for fast free cutting of apertures and shaping work. The single flute provides greater strength and extra clearance.

Profile Guide with Top Bearing TCT

This range of cutters are made with plunging centre points, ideal for blind profiling and plunging. They also have Bearing Guides which are designed to run off a top mounted template.

Hinge Recessors Double Flute TCT

A cutter ideal for hinge recessing or the recessing of the underside of handrails.

Straight Long Reach Double Flute TCT

This range of metric diameter cutters have a relieved neck behind the tip for deep slotting.

Helical Acrylic Double Flute TCT

The accepted solid carbide cutter for machining and routing acrylics, plastic and perspex.

Trimmers Bearing Guide TCT

A range of trimmers with a bottom bearing for the cutting of Formica and laminated tops.

Profile Guide with Bearing TCT

Unique in that this cutter will trim the top and bottom edges of a panel simultaneously, whilst the centrally mounted bearing follows the profile.

Up/Down Shear Straight TCT

The shear effect leaves a clean cut on the top and bottom of the board.

White Lining TCT

For decorative inlay work for insertion of brass, sycamore and other materials to give a distinctive finish to table tops and period furniture.

Staggertooth Straight TCT

The staggered tips provide good chip removal for deep slotting work.

Ovolo/Rounding Over TCT

Used in conjunction with a side fence, most ovolo and rounding over operations can be produced with this extensive range. These cutters have plunging facility.

Rounding Over with Bearing TCT

Two shapes produced with one cutter by changing the bearing. B16 removes the quirk.

Staff/Corner Bead with Bearing TCT

These cutters are the perfect solution to finishing cladding and corners on pillar covering or for enhancing square table legs or returns on wall unit furniture.

Tonk Strip Sinking TCT

Ideal for creating library and book shelving strip.

Radius/Guttering TCT

Single Flute: Half round cutters for applications such as chalk grooves in desktops. Double Flute: Creates most ovolo and rounding over operations with side fence.

Staff/Bull Nose TCT

A range for producing bull nosings and edgings.

Plunge and Trim TCT

A very popular cutter with caravan manufacturers. Used for cutting apertures and openings in caravan sections.

Rebate with Bearing TCT

By changing the bearings supplied with this cutter, four different rebate depths are possible. Bearing diameters supplied are: 9.5, 12.7, 16 and 19mm.

Rebate with Bearing Set TCT

This cutter is supplied with two bearings, creating a rebate depth of 19.1mm. Add the 'bearing rings' between the bearings to adjust the rebate depth. Order rings separately.

Cove Mould with Bearing TCT

This cutter is supplied with B127 and B16 bearings.

Chamfer Heavy Duty TCT

The heavy duty cutter for chamfering work. These cutters have a bottom cut facility.

Chamfer with Guide Pin TCT

For bevelling small sheet material. Useful for internal work where the small diameter pin enables right angle corners to be machined. Pin diameter - 5.5mm.

V-Grooving and Engraving TCT

Ideal for veining work, free hand decor for panels, useful for character lining work on sign writing applications in solid and composite work.

Stairhousing Dovetails TCT

Used in overhead routers with stair stringing jigs. These right hand rotation cutters have a plunging facility. Standard angle - 5ยบ

Dovetail TCT

Standard sizes for all dovetail applications such as, slot dovetail, hidden dovetail etc.

Ball Groove TCT

A quick solution, no reassembly required. Change the cutter height to cut both parts of the joint.

Profile and Scribe/Raised Panel Set TCT

A quick solution. No reassembly required. Change the cutter height to cut both parts of the joint.

Keyhole TCT

These cutters have a keyhole recess for hanging items flush to the wall.

Shankless Counterbore TCT

For pillar drilling only. Not design for use on portable router machines.

Shankless Countersink TCT

For pillar drilling only. Not designed for use on portable router machines. Drills and allen keys are not included.

Universal Countersink TCT

This countersink enables drills between 3mm and 7.2mm to be used for various screw sizes. The cutter body body clamps onto the drill, using allen screws.

Plug Maker TCT

This cutter will manufacture plugs to suit countersink and counterbore drills, (P56742 and P-56714). Match wood screw reference. Pillar drilling only, not portable router machines.

Biscuit Joiner TCT

Designed to allow biscuit joint slots to be machined with hand held router, supplied with 3 bearings: 15mm, 19mm and 23mm diameter.