Measuring tape holder suitable for any common builders tape measure from 3-10 metres. Cover to protect tape from falling whilst climbing ladders.
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Technical specifications
Measuring tape holder 3 - 10 m 

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User benefits
  • HI-VIS trimming makes the holder eye-catching and makes you visible in darkness.
  • New solution with side gate lets you easily put the tool in the holder without looking.
  • Features: Measuring tape holder suitable for any common builder’s tape measure from 3-10 meters. Special shape of the hole on the side makes easier taking out the measuring tape from the holder. You may push the tape out by your finger. The holder sits comfortably
  • Rigid pocket sides keep the shape of the holder for free removal of measuring tape.
  • Cover flap to secure tape when walking or climbing ladders. Moving closure fastened by two rivets provides to easy access of the tape.
  • The lid doesn’t disturb when measuring tape is in constant use and holder must stay open all the time.
  • Extra leather layer in friction points help protect from years of wear.
  • The hard wearing, leather lined interior that will protect from years of wear and tear from screws, nails and sharp fixing.
  • Star Rating: *****