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50mm Torsion bits

A full size range of 50mm Impact Gold Torsion Bits. Superior manufacturing and robust steel ensures these bits last 10x longer than a standard screwdriver bit.

30mm ShorTon Bits

When coupled with an impact driver, these shorter bits will allow for working and manoeuvring in narrower spaces. Lasts up to 10x longer than a standard 50mm bit, yet the length between the bottom to the tip is 20mm shorter.

25mm Torsion Bits

A full size range of 25mm Impact Gold Torsion bits. Impact Gold torsion bits will last up to 15x longer than a standard screwdriver bit when coupled with the Impact Gold torsion bit holder.

Mag Boost

A bullet sized attachment to magnetise a screw bit allowing for instant magnetic screwdriving without the use of a holder. The Mag Boost offers 17x the magnetic force compared with a standard magnetic bit,

Tilt Socket Adaptor

Impact Gold socket adaptors allow tilt action up to 15 degrees. The tilt action allows for working in tight spaces, and engaging those hard to reach, against the wall fastens.