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Impact Gold

Impact Gold Torsion Bits feature a unique design which focuses the forces exerted on a regular screw bit away from the tip, meaning less chance of breakage. Impact Gold Torsion bits can last up to 10x longer than a regular screw bit, whilst an Impact Gold Insert bit can last up to 15x longer than a regular bit when coupled with a holder.


The high torque produced by impact drivers will damage standard screwdriver bits but the new Makita double ended torsion screwdriver bit out performs beyond all expectations, lasting up to 10 times longer than a standard bit.

Shock Drivers

This is a hand tool driver to allow users to remove stripped screws that cannot be rotated by machine tool. Cam rotation mechanism is built in and converts the impact to the driver head hit by a hammer into a turning force. In short, stripped screws can be removed by applying push and torque at the same time.