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Standard holesaws: Bi-Metal

The Bi-Metal holesaw range have a vari-pitch tooth design and are recommended for cutting steel, aluminium, copper, brass, wood and plastic. Also available in plumbers and electricians kits with the most popular sizes. Arbours available with hex (3 jaw chuck) and SDS-PLUS shanks.

Performance holesaws Hss Bi-Metal 5% cobalt

HSS Bi-Metal variable pitch tooth 4-btpi with 5% cobalt content for high durability and extended working life. Suitable for wood, gypsum board, plastics, non ferrous metals, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Large range from 14 - 152mm with hex and SDS adaptors and extra long pilot drill.


Only one arbour needed is for the range of 16 - 152mm with quick release pilot drill and core body. This not only allows speedy size changes but is also a safer method for the user.

Universal Holesaws

The Universal holesaw, suitable for plumbers, electricians, carpenters and general builders. Able to cut a wide variety of materials including, vitrified, bricks, plaster board, plastics, melamine, hard woods, chipboard and MDF. Robust and durable with strong TCT teeth produce excellent results. Sizes range of 25-105mm covering a wide range of applications.

Tungsten carbide grit holesaw

For drilling Soft brick and Soft Tile. Available in 7 sizes: 33mm, 43mm, 53mm, 63mm, 67mm, 73mm, and 83mm. Made with Carbon steel (body) and Tungsten carbide (tips)

Multi-purpose TCT holesaw

All-round T.C.T Holesaw that can hole multiple materials. Available in 21 sizes ranging from 22mm to 105mm. The body of the Holesaw is carbon steel and the tip is made from Tungsten carbide.

Vacumm Brazed

The Vacuum brazed diamond holesaw features a rim of high quality diamonds that are vacuum brazed to the leading edge. This material joining process creates a bond which is significantly stronger than alternative methods. The benefits this offers to the tradesman are; faster drilling, increased durability and better suitability across a wider range of applications. They are ideal for all types of standard thickness wall and floor tiles, and can also be used to drill through deeper natural stone paving slabs, brick and marble.

Diamond holesaws for hard ceramics

Range of wet holesaws with diamond grit for faster cutting and longer life even on harder materials. Can cut through tile, granite, marble, glass, etc.