Sandwich Panel

A range of blades especially designed for cutting metal composite material or more commonly known as sandwich panel. Two thin skins of metal bonded to an insulating core. Especially designed to cut the metal skins leaving a clean non burr finish with very low heat generated to help preserve the bond between the two materials preventing deterioration.

Model-number Bore (B) Diameter (D) Kerf (K) Thickness (T) Tooth Count Material Type Machine Type Blade ID
30 mm 235 mm 2.4 mm 1.8 mm 50 Metal Portable Saw CSF23550GL
30 mm 270 mm 2.6 mm 2.0 mm 60 Metal Portable Saw CSF27060GL
30 mm 355 mm 3.2 mm 2.6 mm 80 Metal Portable Saw CSF35580GL
20 mm 165 mm 1.75 mm 1.4 mm Metal Portable Saw CSF16542EL