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A comprehensive selection of saw blades for all makes and models of Mitre Saws and Slide compound Mitre Saws, including cordless saws. A wide range of sizes from 190mm – 305mm and tooth counts from 24 to 100 the range covers applications from coarse cutting to extra fine finish work.

Makblade plus

The Makblade Plus saw blades for Mitre and Table saws have unique patented technology. Developed to dampen vibration and be super quiet these blades’ features enhance the work environment and improve both durability of the saw blade and equipment reliability. A lower vibrating blade produces greater cut accuracy, and also reduces wobble, giving a beautiful cut surface. This also significantly extends the life of the tungsten carbide teeth beyond that of conventional carbide tipped saw blades.


A revolutionary advanced tooth design that sets a new bench mark for blade technology. The dual beveled tooth face has sharper cutting edges and the “M” shape is like doubling the tooth count per blade. A greater wear area and more cutting surfaces means the MForce blade will last up to 2 x longer than traditional blades. A narrow kerf and plate reduces friction allowing for a lighter feed pressure, protecting the motor of your saw.


A comprehensive selection of circular saw blades for all makes and models of portable circular saw. A wide range of sizes from 140mm – 355mm and tooth counts from 10 to 60, the range covers applications from coarse rip and cross cutting to extra fine cross cutting.


A selection of Specialized Blades For: Metal, Fibre cement board (PCD), Specialized tip embedded, Cordless saws, Aluminium, Plunge saw, Specialized construction, Sandwich panel, Specialized laminate cutting and Specialized stainless steel.