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Aluminium oxide

Suitable for a variety of materials: Ferrous, non-ferrous materials, plastics, wood, etc.

Zirconia Aluminium

Ideal for stainless steel and metal. Most popular type amongst flap discs. Grinds as efficient as an abrasive disc. For heavy stock removal under high pressure and heat.

Silicon Carbide

Effective for sanding brick, stone and concrete. No need for water and lightweight compared to diamond wheel. Also suitable for graffiti removal from brick work.

Ceramic Aluminium Oxide

Flap disc made of next generation Zirconia Alumina. This disc is ideal not only for stainless steel also for Titanium, Nickel and other high tensile metals. The elite of the flap disc range.

Surface Conditioning

Recommended that you use surface conditioning flap disc for finish after using the standard flap disc.