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Flap discs

Layers of coated abrasive fixed onto a supported backing. A new face of abrasive is revealed as the disc wears, ensuring constant performance throughout the life of the disc. Available in 4 coatings, 2 profiles and 2 backing types, the range is suitable for a wide range of applications and materials including wood, paint, metals and stone. Lasting up to 10 times longer than conventional discs, light weight and fine finish.

Flap Wheels

Compatible for use with drills and die grinders, Flap wheels are the ideal solution to sanding and finishing curved surfaces, such as insides of pipes, grooves, contours and so on.

Strip Discs

The most efficient tool for removing paint, rust and weld discoloration. Silicon carbide grip enables you to grind quickly with less power. Entangled fibre glass structure acts as a cushion material which prevents over grinding and damaging the material. Provides cleaner finish than Grinding Wheel of Flap Wheel. An ideal solution for the motor industry!