A Guide To Chainsaw Maintenance - Free Book

A Guide To Chainsaw Maintenance - Free E-Book

This book has been written specifically for the UK market and covers the underpinning knowledge and practical tasks to looking after a chainsaw. It's ideally suited to those new to chainsaws, or those taking their Level 2 Award assessment.

Who is this book for?

Written by City & Guilds NPTC trainer and assessor, DC Vickers, it's 131 pages and detailed photographs cover all the routine maintenance tasks for chainsaw operators.

The book has been written for those people that have little or no experience with chainsaws - but it is targeted towards those in industry rather than private individuals using a chainsaw at home. That said, the information surrounding chainsaw maintenance is as valid for private users as it is industry users, although those working in the industry and attempting the industry standard chainsaw maintenance assessments will find the additional information on legislation and health & safety useful.


The book has been written to appeal to those starting out with chainsaws, but also to provide trainers with something to use. If you would like to use sections, pages or images from this book for educational purposes, then feel free - but please credit the material that you use to “DC Vickers,Drivelink Training”.

This book is not intended to be a replacement of proper training, guidance and supervision. The book does not try to deal with all makes and models of chainsaw, but instead aims to provide you with enough of a foundation to tackle most modern saws.

Few words from the author

I originally had the idea to write a book on chainsaw maintenance about 8 or 9 years ago; at the time I was working at an agricultural college and I started to write it. However, I never really finished it and what started out as a book ended up as a 30-odd page booklet on maintenance and crosscutting to accompany the courses I was teaching back then.

Since then, I’ve thought about writing this book and prompted by Makita, whose chainsaws I have used for years, we agreed on a deadline and I dulycleared a space in my diary. Now, 131 pages later, this is the result.

This book has been made available for free by Drivelink Training, along with the help of Makita UK.

You can download the book by clicking here.