3 Year Service Plan for EK6100


3 Year Service Plan

This offer is for a 3 year no cost service plan for end users who register their new Makita EK6100 Disc cutter via this page using the on line registration form at the bottom of the page and within the 30 days of purchasing the new tool.

The Service Plan

The Service plan consists of

The replacement and fitting of the following specific service component parts if required;

  • 1 off Cylinder/ piston
  • 1 off Spark plug
  • 1 off Fuel filter
  • 1 off V-belt
  • 1 off Starter rope

For each 12 month period over the 3 year registration period for the registered EK6100 disc cutter, starting from the date of registration of the tool and for a total period of 3 years.

The tool would be collected from the local Makita Authorised Dealer and returned to them. The turnaround time for this service will be 5 days. There will be no charge for this service.

If the end user wishes to send the machine direct to Makita, we will not be liable for any carriage costs. In this instance Makita will arrange to send the tool back to the end user or their local Makita Authorised Service Agent at no cost to the end user.

This is a limited time offer and made by Makita UK Ltd, Michigan drive, Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8JD. Makita UK Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notification.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer only applies to the EK6100 disc cutter and those units purchased from new in the UK from a Makita Authorised dealer. This is a non-transferable offer.
  • If the end user does not register his tool using the online registration form he will not be able to participate in the 3 year EK6100 service plan.
  • The 3 year service plan will start on the day of registration and will finish 3 years from this date.
  • The 3 year Service plan consists of three 12 month periods.
  • Within each 12 month period the end user is entitled to the replacement and fitting of the following component parts if required:
Spare part Part no. Qty per 12 month period
Cylinder/ piston 957130315 1
Spark plug BPMR 7A 965603021 1
Fuel filter 963601240 1
V-belt 965300501 1
Starter rope 394164020 1
  • A replacement and fitting of the component parts above consists of the tool being serviced as per Makita service instructions. Any other repairs/damage identified will be chargeable and communicated at that time in the form of a quotation.
  • This offer does not cover:
    • i. Repairs that have been made or attempted by others.
    • ii. Repairs required because of normal wear and tear.
    • iii. The tool has been abused, misused or improperly maintained.
    • iv. Alterations that have been made to the tool.
  • If the end user fails to arrange part or all of the EK6100 plan within each of the three 12 month periods, then this will not be carried over to the remaining period of the service plan or beyond the 3 year period.
  • It is the responsibility of the end user to arrange the service of his tool within the 3 year period.
  • The product should be registered within 30 days of purchase.
  • Makita UK Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notification.

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

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Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions above regarding the 3 Year Service plan before completing your registration form.

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